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Several assailants may have inflicted wounds at the same time, which would still further increase the difficulty. The question might then arise. Which assailant had inflicted the mortal wound or which had first inflicted a mortal wound? Under such circumstances, would not easy give a specific answer. There are several signs which may indicate which wound was first inflicted in certain cases. An instrument may become duller or even bent or twisted after and account the first wound, and the subsequent wounds would vary accordingly.

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The wound the clothes pay to do paper corresponding the first stab wound may and often only bloody internally, while the second and following wounds are bloody both sides. The following case quoted this point.

A man received three stabs from an assailant, one in the back at the level the eighth rib, traversing the lung and heart and causing rapid death, and two the left elbow, cutting the coat and shirt but only grazing the skin. paraphrasing articles buy essay online for cheap The first one was evidently the first inflicted, for both the wounds in the clothing the arm were bloody externally at the online essay editing service help on essay professional writing company edges, although there was no blood effused here. The correctness this opinion was confirmed at the trial. The point a knife arrested and broken off in a bone may show that this was the last wound. The amount bleeding may show which was the first wound.

Thus if several severe wounds have been inflicted, research paper helper all or several which would naturally cause profuse hemorrhage, and one showed signs such hemorrhage while another did not, the former review of essay writing services would likely the first wound inflicted.

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Or if one showed slight hemorrhage where much would expected, this fact would indicate that was one the last inflicted. The absence the signs spurting blood may tell which two or more fatal wounds Med. Jurisprudence.

were first inflicted, for this would indicate that this wound was inflicted when the heart action was weakened loss blood or even after death, and the other wound or wounds which did not present this sign would have been the first received. In fact, if any the signs are present about a wound which we have seen indicate that a wound was inflicted at any time after death, this would show that this wound was not the first received, and that the other or others were inflicted earlier. Questions as the consequences wounds not fatal may often brought in civil actions for damages. In certain countries the question the consequences as incapacity may determine whether an injury shall the ground a criminal as well as a civil action.

Thus in France an injury which involves an incapacity twenty days or more subjects the assailant a criminal homework help creative writing action. The term incapacity in this instance refers general incapacit and not incapacity for fine and i rofessional work. The latter, however, comes in under the civil action which may instituted against the assailant or those directly or indirectly responsible for the injury. The amount the incapacity, its causes, whether duewhoUy or partly or not at all the given injury, the probable duration of the incapacity, the treatment which has and will necessitate, and many other such questions form part the medical testimony required in such cases. Sometimes with slight wounds the results, accompaniments, and complications may prolong the incapacity very greatly, as also the buy research paper online state health and the habits the wounded person, the neglect treatment, improper Any bodily or mental infirmity or ill-health which may result from an injury and its necessary treatment in the past and future, all these questions and many more unnecessary to mention may required the medical witness.

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