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No general rules can laid down for all such cases.

In giving his testimony the medical man must homework help writing essay depend in any particular case upon his knowledge, judgment, and experience. We can seldom give a precise solution the question of survival determine the succession best college writing services or inheritance if several a family die together in an accident. In case death from inanition, cold or heat, or in drowning especially, if some have wounds more or less grave in themselves, can sometimes form an opinion. With wounds cannot often although in case murder, the nature the wounds, the position the bodies, the examination the spot the accident or tragedy, may sometimes help form an opinion.

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The several varieties wounds which have been considering vary considerably in their nature, their effects, their danger, and in many other ways according the region the body in which they are situated.

Some these varieties are common in one situation and almost never occur in others. Although the nature wounds found in the several regions of the body not as important for a medical jurist as their danger and their influence in causing death, will now consider the differences they exhibit account the region in which they These are often characterized their apparent harmlessness and their real gravity sooner or later.

We might almost make the opposite statement and say that those apparently grave are often virtually harmless, though this would true only in a limited editing an essay sense and in certain cases. As their nature, find punctured wounds extremely rarely, incised and lacerated wounds often, while contusions and contused wounds are still more common. Incised and lacerated wounds the head online best website to get essays custom essay writing service involve the scalp almost exclusively.

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These wounds heal remarkably well, even when the attachment merely a narrow pedicle, owing the abundant blood-supply. Hemorrhage from the incised wounds is often free, for the vessels cannot retract, but seldom dangerous unless the wounds are very extensive.

The only way in which they differ materially from similar wounds elsewhere in the greater frequency complicating erysipelas here than elsewhere.

This probably owing the presence septic conditions, as the head generally dirtier than other parts of the body, and slight order custom essays online wounds especially are neglected. If the scalp shaved over a wide margin and cleaned like other parts the writing essay help body, erysipelas found little or no oftener than with similar wounds elsewhere.

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The density the scalp great that the redness and swelling accompanying intiammations is comparatively slight.

If erysipelas follows slight wounds of the head, there some reason suspect constitutional predisposition or careless treatment. From infection such wounds the scalp abscess or diffuse cellulitis the scalp may develop as well as erysipelas. The constitutional symptoms in such a case may marked or even severe, but the prognosis favorable. In very rare cases necrosis the skull may result or the inflammation may even extend the brain. need help to write an essay These incised and lacerated wounds the scalp are usually accidental or inflicted another they are rarely self-inflicted. Contusions and contused u'ounds are the most common forms injury the head. These two kinds injuries are almost invariably i need to buy an essay inflicted another or are accidental. We have already seen that contused wounds the scalp or over the eyebrow may closely resemble incised wounds in these localities.

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