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It is clear that a deed writing a doctoral thesis rom James conveying an undivided one-half interest in this land a purchaser who had no knowledge the title, save that com'eyed writing essays help the deeds from Gentry, would have passed the title such purchaser.

While the right Amadee De Gasquet James, the heir James, would, perhaps, net as incontestable as that an innocent purchaser, yet, in the absence any proof thesis to book that this was partnership property, would succeed at law the distinct and separate title his ancestor.

It however, contended that James, the act sale, admitted in the Circuit Court, conveyed these lands his partner. This are clearly the opinion not maintainable.

In the first place, there no sufficient proof the execution that instrument as a conveyance land in Texas.

But if proof of execution was sufficient, how can said that the generai designation, ail stock in trade, book debts, accounts, bills receivable, real estate taken the said firms from their debtors in settlement their debts and situated in the States Mississippi and Texas and generally every other thing belonging said firms or accruing them in any manner or form without any reservation whatever, was a sufficient conveyance the distinct title James in the lands in dispute? As we have seen, there no evidence essay editing tips that these lands were partnership property, except that the partnership paid taxes thereon. The only real estate conveyed trusted dissertation writers this act sale was that taken the said firms from their debtors in settlement their debts. However much may surmise, this does not amount a conveyance distinct parcels of land standing in the name James. Such a conveyance the predecessor in title one party indefinite that cannot defeat the legal title in another.

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If, moreover, this act sale treated as effective convey anything at ail, can merely a right establish a suitable proceeding in equity an inchoate or equitable title.

The plaintiff, however, in that view, would have an opposing equal, if not supericr, equity. This act sale was not recorded at the time the plaintiff's purchase. It clear that had no knowledge its existence, but paid a valuable consideration for the land, and bought in good faith.

His therefore the equity a bona fide purchaser without notice. Conceding, arguendo, then, the existence the inchoate and very indefinite equity the heirs Marshall, the equity Lee cannot disregarded. Where equities are equal, the law will prevail, and Lee has the legal title.

But these equities are not equal. Lee has done ail that the law required him He took deeds clearly describing the land. He recorded them in time. He put the world on notice his dealings with the land in dispute. The predecessors in title the defendants were content rely upon vague generalities in description, leave in doubt whether the interest in dispute was partnership property or not, execute an instrument not in itself sufficient at the time convey title land in Texas, and then fail or refuse record A court equity, under the circumstances, would not, think, hesitate impose the loss which website that writes research papers must fall one or the other these parties those who are slothful, indifferent, or disregardful the law, or who claim under those whose conduct was lacking in that vigilance and attention the rights others which exacted courts equity. But under the law Texas, which must control our action in this case, the right the plaintiff even stronger. An innocent purchaser from the heir takes the estate admission essay editing service as against an unrecorded deed from the ancestor. Holmes Johns, Tex. The statutes the state Texas provide that an unrecorded conveyance shall void as against a purchaser for value without notice.

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