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The act does not prevent private persons from giving the necessary medical or surgical aid in times of urgent need, provided such aid or attention not given for gain or hire, nor the giving made a business or a way of gaining a livelihood.

Every person residing in the colony and who shall have practised medicine, surgery, and midwifery for five years help for writing consecutively in one locality previous the passage the act, on the proof the same, shall have his name registered and receive a license practise under the provided, the board may grant a license any person who may have practised for a shorter period, being satisfied examination, or inquiry, that such person reasonably competent and fit and further provided, that the board may, after examination and inquiry, license persons with a reasonable amount competence practise in specified localities, in which no qualified practitioners Any person while employed in actual service in any naval or military service as physician or surgeon may practise medicine, surgery, and midwifery after having been registered, Definition.

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The words legally qualified medical practitioner or duly qualified medical practitioner, or any other words importing a person recognized law as a medical practitioner or a member the medical profession, when used in any act the legislature or legal or public document, mean a person registered under this chapter, unless as otherwise provided. Medical Appointments.

No person shall appointed as a medical officer, physician, or surgeon in any branch the public service or any hospital or other charitable institution unless registered under the provisions this chapter, Theories Medicine. No person otherwise fully qualified shall refused registration, or a license to practise, account his adopting or refusing adopt the practice any particular theory medicine or surgery.

In case such refusal the board, the part aggrieved may appeal the governor in council, who, due cause shown, shall issue an order the board register the name such person and grant him a license. College Physicians and Surgeons.

The members of the medical profession are a body corporate under the name The College Physicians and Surgeons the Northwest Territories. Every person registered according Ordinance a member the said college and shall held registered under this ordinance from the date its passage, as Every person registered under this law a member the Council. There a council said college elected the members from the members registered in pursuance this The council appoints among other officers a registrar, Register, Qualification. Persons registered under Ordinance are entitled register under this ordinance The council required cause the registrar keep a register the names all persons who have complied with this ordinance, and the rules and regulations the council respecting the qualifications required from write i need help with my research paper my papers discount code practitioners medicine or surgery. Only those persons whose names are inscribed in the register are deemed qualified and licensed practise medicine or surgery, except as hereinafter provided.

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The registrar required keep his register correct and to make the necessary alterations in the addresses or qualifications persons registered. The council required admit the register a Any person possessing a diploma ghostwriter needed from any college in Great Britain and Ireland having power grant such diploma entitling him practise medicine and surgery, and who shall produce such diploma and furnish satisfactory evidence any member the College Physicians and Surgeons the Provinces Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec upon producing satisfactory evidence the same and identification any person who shall produce from any college or school medicine and surgery in the Dominion Canada requiring a four-years course study and sic a diploma qualification provided furnish the council satisfactory evidence identification, and pass if deemed necessary, before the members thereof, or such examiners as may appointed for the purpose, a satisfactory examination touching his fitness and capacity to practise as a physician and surgeon, upon payment the registrar fifty dollars, as substituted, Powers Council.

The members the council are required make orders, regulations, or by-laws for the regulation the register and the guidance examiners, and may prescribe subjects and modes examination, and may make all regulations in respect examinations, not contrary the ordinance, that they may deem expedient and necessary, The council may by-law delegate the registrar power admit practice and register any person having the necessary qualifications entitling him registered the council. The council may direct the name any person improperly registered erased from the register and such name shall erased the registrar. Forfeiture Rights. If a medical practitioner convicted any felony or misdemeanor or after due inquiry be judged the council have been guilty infamous conduct in any professional respect, the council may, if sees fit, direct the registrar erase the name such practitioner from the register, and the name shall erased Rights Registered Persons. Every person registered under the ordinance entitled practise medicine and surgery, including midwifery, or anj one them, as the case may and demand and recover with costs his reasonable charges for professional aid, advice, and visits, and the cost medical or surgical appliances rendered or supplied him his patients Limitation. proofreading online A period one year after the term professional service established as a limitation actions for negligence or malpractice against members the college, Register, Evidence. The registrar, under the direction the council, required publish a register the names and residences and the medical titles, diplomas, and qualifications conferred any college or body, all persons appearing the register the day publication. The register called Northwest Territories Medical Register, and a copy for the time being, purporting printed and published, prima facie evidence that the persons therein specified are registered according the act. The absence a name from such copy is prima facie evidence that such person not registered. In case a person's name does not appear such copy, a cer tified copy under the hand the registrar the entry the name such person the register evidence that such person Neglect Register. 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