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In default the general council perform any duty, the privy council may notify their opinion the general council, and the failure custom research paper writers the general council comply with any direction the privy council, the privy council may themselves give effect such direction, and for that purpose exercise any power vested in the general council, and their own motion anything which they are authorized in pursuance a report or suggestion from the general council. Sanitary Science.

Every registered medical practitioner whom a diploma for proficiency in sanitarj science, public health or state medicine has after special examination been granted, any college or facultj physicians or surgeons or university in the United Kingdom, or any such bodies acting in combination, shall, if such diploma appear the privy council or general council deserve recognition in the medical register, entitled need help writing a good thesis statement the payment such fee buy a thesis online as the general council may appoint, have such diploma entered in the said register in addition any other diploma or diplomas in respect which registered, Evidence. Any act the privy council shall sufficiently signified an instrument signed the clerk the council, and every order and act signified an instrument purporting signed the clerk the council shall be deemed have been duly made and done the privy council, application essay help help writing a paper and every instrument signed shall received in evidence without proof the authority or signature the clerk the council or other proof..

The following copies any orders made in pursuance of medical acts or this act shall evidence Any cop purporting printed the Queen's printer, or any other printer in pursuance essay writing help for students an authority Any copy an order certified a true copy the registrar the general council, or any other person appointed the general council, either in addition or in exclusion the registrar, certify such orders.

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Rights Unaffected. This act does not vary the rights of persons practising as registered medical practitioners the day preceding the day when goes into effect. In consequence the repeal any enactment repealed by this act, no person legally entitled practise as a medical practitioner in any colony or part Her Majesty's dominions other than the United Kingdom shall cease entitled if he would have been entitled if no such repeal had taken place Definitions. In the act the word diploma means any diploma, degree, fellowship, membership, license, authority to practise, letters, testimonial, certificate or other status or document granted any university, corporation, college, or other bod or any departments or person acting under the authority the government an countr or place within or without Her Majesty's dominion. The fees are determined the general council within the limits set the various sections authorizing fees.

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Medical Council. There a body styled The Medical Council British Columbia, composed seven members who are registered medical practitioners elected the votes of registered medical practitioners No person can lawfully vote at such election unless his fees the council have been paid and no person eligible election unless qualified vote at such election. A register such qualified voters required prepared the registrar the council and no person entitled vote whose name not the register the duty the registrar examine into the written complaint any medical practitioner as the improper omission or insertion any name in the list and appeal from his decision lies a judge the supreme court in a summary way, whose decision shall final, and no unregistered person may vote. Register. The council required appoint a registrar and cause a register kept him the names all persons who have complied with this act and with the rules and regulations made the council respecting the qualifications of practitioners medicine or surgery, and those persons only whose names are inscribed in the said register, are deemed qualified and licensed practise medicine or surgery except as hereinafter provided. The registrar required keep his register correct, and to make the necessary alterations in the addresses and qualifications registered persons. Qualification.

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Every person at the passage the act registered under the medical ordinance entitled registered under this act. The council required admit upon the. register any person who shall procure from any college or school medicine and surgery requiring a three-years course stud, a diploma qualification, provided furnish the council satisfactory evidence identity and pass before the members thereof a satisfactory examination touching his fitness and capability to practise as a physician and surgeon. The council required admit upon the register every person mentioned the Acts Parliament the United Kingdom, duly registered under the imperial Medical Act, prior and inclusive June. upon complying with the orders, regulations or by-laws the council and giving due proof such registration, and that the person applying for registration has not lost the benefit same reason misconduct or otherwise, and upon payment the fees fixed the council, not exceed one hundred dollars Duties Council. The council required make orders, regulations, or by-laws for regulating the register and the fees paid for registration, and make rules and regulations help me write a speech for the guidance examiners, and may prescribe the subjects and modes examination, and make all such rules and regulations in respect examinations not contrary this act as they deem expedient and necessary Cons. Acts Forfeiture Right. Any registered practitioner convicted any felony thereby forfeits his right registration and direction the council his name required erased from the register, or in case a person known have been convicted felony presents himself for registration, the registrar has power refuse such registration.

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