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Persons not registered, for hire, gain, or the hope reward, practising or professing practise medicine, surgery, or midwifery, or advertising give advice in medicine, surgery, or midwifery, are liable a penalt. A person wilfully or falsely pretending a physician, doctor medicine, surgeon, or general practitioner, or assuming a title, addition, or description other than actualh pos sesses and legall entitled liable a penalty from For a person assume a title calculated lead people to infer that registered, or recognized law as a physician, surgeon, or accoacheur or a licentiate in medicine, surgery, or midwifery, punishable with a penalty On prosecution, costs may awarded in addition the penalty, and the offender may committed the common jail for one month, unless the penalty and costs are sooner paid quality writing services Prosecutor. Any person may prosecutor or complainant under the act. Limitations. Prosecutions are limited comrnence within six months after the date the offence. Appeal.

A person convicted under this act, giving notice appeal, must before being released give satisfactory security for the penalty and costs conviction and appeal. Stay. The council may stay proceedings in prosecutions The council authorized determine by-law an annual fee, which required paid each member the college the fee can not less than, nor more than, is payable January and may recovered as a debt the The fee for registration subject regulation the Medical Society. All persons registered under the act constitute the New Brunswick Medical Society. Council. There a medical council called the Council of Physicians and Surgeons New Brunswick, nine legally qualified medical practitioners, not less than seven years standing four are nominated and appointed the governor in council, Register, Evidence. The registrar required before May st annuall print and publish in the Royal Gazette of the province, and such other manner as the council shall ap point, a correct register the names and residences and medical titles, diplomas, and qualifications conferred any dissertation proposal service college or body, with the dates thereof, all persons appearing the register the st January.

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The register called the Medical Register a copy for the time being purporting to printed and published, or a certificate signed the president the council, and attested the registrar with the corporate seal the council, help with paper p? a evidence that the persons therein specified are registered and qualified the absence a name from such copy or the want such certificate prima facie evidence that such person not registered. If a name does not appear the copy, a certified copy, under the hand the registrar the council, the entry a name the register evidence registration. Entrance upon Study. A person beginning or entering the study physic, surgery, or midwifery, for the purpose qualifying practise in the province, must have obtained from the council a certificate that has satisfactorily passed a matriculation or preliminary examination in the subjects enumerated in the act, unless has passed a matriculation examination for the medical course in arts and science at some college in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, the European Union No person entitled registration or license assignment writing service in uk unless shall satisfy the council that has passed a matriculation or preliminary examination that after passing such examination has followed his studies for not less than four years, one which may under the direction one or more general practitioners duly licensed that during such four years has attended at some university, college, or incorporated school medicine in good standing, courses lectures amounting together not less than twelve months general anatomy, practical anatomy, surgery, practice medicine, midwifer, on chemistry, materia medica and pharmacy, and the medicine or physic, and one three-months course of medical jurisprudence that has attended the general practice an hospital in which are not less than fifty beds under the charge not less than two physicians or surgeons, for not less than one year or two periods not less than six months custom essay writing toronto each that has also attended two three-months courses or one six-months course clinical medicine, the same clinical surgery that has, after an examination in the subjects of the course, obtained a degree or diploma from such universitj, college, or incorporated medical i need help writing a 500 word essay school if such institution require a four-years course for its diploma, or for the want such degree or diploma that has satisfactorily passed an examination in the various branches hereinbefore specified before the examiners appointed the council that not less than twent one years age that has paid the registrar of the council a fee ten dollars.

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The council has power, subject the approval the governor in council, make alterations as may required in the foregoing curriculum.

If any person apply for registration as a practitioner any system medicine, the registered practitioners that system have the right appoint an examiner or examiners the subjects peculiar to that system, materia medica, pharmacy, and therapeutics, and if they neglect the council has the power appoint such examiner or examiners.

The last preceding section does not apply persons in actual practice entitled register under.

Any person producing the council conclusive evidence that has passed a matriculation or a preliminary examination, as required by this act for persons beginning medical studies in New Brunswick, that has before graduating or taking a diploma studied at least four years as provided, or pursued what the council deem an equivalent course study and has passed a final examination in the subjects such course, for the want of such requirement, shall have fulfilled such conditions as the council may determine, and shall pay a fee ten dollars, shall entitled registration and receive a license practise The act makes special provision for residents the province who began study article rewriting service before January, as Duties Council. The council empowered and required regulate the study medicine, surgery, and midwifery, with regard preliminary qualifications, course study, final examination, and the evidence produed before the council appoint a registration committee examine all degrees, diplomas, licenses, and other credentials presented or given in evidence under the act enable the owner practise in New Brunswick, and oblige the owner attest oath or affirmation that the person whose name mentioned therein, and that became possessed thereof properly and honestly cause every member the profession practising in New Brunswick register his name, age, place residence, place nativit, date license or diploma, and the place where obtained appoint medical examiners, who may members the council, hold final examinations, who shall regularly qualified practitioners not less than five years professional standing and three years residence in the province, Correction Register. The registrar required erase the names all registered persons who shall have died, left the province without the intention returning, or ceased to practise for five years help in writing a research paper and from time time make the necessary alterations in the addresses or qualifications registered persons. Any name erased shall restored the order the council sufficient cause duly shown. Neglect Register.

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