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A variety contused wounds that where the wound of the skin consists merely an erosion or excoriation with an ecchymosis beneath. The wound may reproduce the shape of the weapon, finger-nails, etc.

After death the skin becomes brownish-yellow, hard, and dry, and then they are called the French plaques parcheminees. paraphrasing sentences thesis help They are distinguished, as a rule, from those produced after death, the Lacerated wounds resemble contused wounds very closely, but are not ecchymosed any considerable extent.

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The solution continuity sometimes very extensive and irregular, and may present several flaps. The assignment writing services in uk bone or bones are often fractured at the same time.

they seldom bleed much.

The course repair resembles that contused writing websites wounds as a rule.

The prognosis variable, for there may slow and extensive cicatrization and impairment function, etc.

These wounds usually result from machinery accidents and accidental tears, etc. They are therefore seldom the occasion criminal proceedings but more often a civil suit, and thus require The injury which causes a contusion or contused wound may not infrequently produce effects far more serious and more or less remote from the contusion. Some these effects it may well particularize. Blows the abdomen are sometimes quickly followed death without visible lesion account That authentic examples this exist has been denied Lutaud, except for cases rapid death following contusions the abdomen which had caused extensive rupture the viscera and abundant hemorrhage.

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But Vibert gives two cases from his own experience, which are as follows A young man, twenty years old, received a kick in the stomach at a public ball. Numerous witnesses the scene testified that only received this one blow.

The man collapsed immediately and thesis help died in a few minutes. On autopsy nothing was found but two small ecchymotic spots in the peritoneum covering the intestine, the largest not the size a bean. In the professional assignment writers second case, help with english writing the injury was also a kick in the stomach and the man died almost immediately. Absolutely no lesion was found autopsy. Both were in full digestion. Konig says A number severe contusions the belly run a rapidly fatal course without the autopsy showing any definite anatomical lesion the viscera. He also adds that the less severe cases essay editing service reviews at first often show. very profound shock, which out proportion the force the injury. The cause death has been explained, like that sudden death from a blow the larynx, the theory inhibition. These cases are often illustrated experimentally fro where the same result obtained under similar conditions.

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