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are also noted. need help writing narrative essay It contended that these measurements alone the identity an individual whose face not even known may be established in another country telegraph. The application the system has proved great service in the apprehension deserters from the European Union army when the authorities have been able find the card, while claimed have caused the disappearance numerous dissimulators identity in the prisons Paris. The police authorities that city report that out more than five hundred annual recognitions the foregoing means, not one mistake has yet occurred.

To avoid a possible source error mensuration the organs and the ascertainment their form may resorted to in the case a cadaver that much decayed, or in one that has been purposel mutilated or burned the assassin in order prevent recognition. A sufficient number cases be cited in which the measurement a limb or a bone a deceased person known have been lame or deformed during life has resulted in the establishment identity or the reverse.

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A mistake may prevented in the case supposed mutilation write my assignment ireland a drowned body, which may have been caused the In only three failures are recorded. screw a passing steamer. Other errors may result from carelessness, incorrect observation signs, and neglect follow the ordinary precautions that should obtain in all national junior honor society essay help researches Certain circumstances indicative the mental state the culprit may throw light the identity, A person unsound mind would certainly suggested as the perpetrator such a deed as that the woman already mentioned, who after killing and cutting her infant, cooked portions the remains with cabbage and served them at a meal which she herself partook.

Equally conclusive should the inference in the case cited Maudsley a person who, for no ascertainable motive, kills a little girl, mutilates her remains, and carefully records the fact in his note-book, with the remark that the body was The handwriting left the assassin might also furnish a strong presumption as the existence a mental lesion, since the writing the insane often characteristic, especially in the initial stage dementia, I recall the case a former patient, an aphasia, imprisoned for having stabbed a man in the abdomen and for having wounded his wife in such a way that her arm had amputated. Having lost the power to express himself phonetically, this man used a book and pencil, but his writing showed a degree agraphia which alone Avould establish his identity beyond a doubt.

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While quite possible that dishonest transactions, and even theft, may take place telephone and the voices the perpetrators may unmistakable between distant cities, is more likely i need to write my essay that the phonographic registration speech or other sound means online research paper writer a gramophone should become a matter medico-legal investigation and a possible means that may lend great assistance in establishing personal identity. Although no precedent may cited, not going into the domain theoretical hypothesis mention a discover of such real scientific certainty that for years after death, and thousands miles awaj, gives an indefinite number reproductions that cannot possibly mistaken any one familiar with the voice before had become Edisonized.

Some gramophone disks lately shown from Germany registered greetings and messages relatives in Washington, who were delighted recognize the exact reproduction familiar tones So limitless the field research in this direction that there scarcely an anthropological, biological, or medical discovery that may not sooner or later applied with profit in the investigations personal identity where the combined efforts an attorney and an expert are required.

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After the most rigid and scrutinizing anatomical and material examination made and the closest inquisition entered may often impossible give a reasonable explanation for the cause the physical facts observed. The medical man should remember that his the one great exception the rule that rigidly excludes customized writing paper opinions, and that scientific men called as witnesses may not give their opinion as the general merits the case, but only as the facts already proved. This qualifying rule being altogether reversed in investigations best custom essay writing into personal identity, and the physician's opinion as identity being indispensable, becomes a matter most serious import that this opinion should grounded upon absolute and wellattested facts. The cessation respiration and the absence audible heartbeats are signs generally regarded as sufficient in themselves to determine the reality death. But persons have been resuscitated from a state asphyxia or have recovered from a state of catalepsy or lethargy in whom, all appearances, the respiratory and circulatory processes have been arrested.

So advisable that should acquainted college essay editor with some absolute tests death which are not connected with the heartsounds or the respiration. It well known that these important functions, although apparently held in abeyance, must speedily re-established so as recognized, or death will rapidly follow. This condition apparently suspended animation seen among essay writer online hibernating animals the bear, for instance, will remain for four or five months without food or drink in a state lethargy the heartaction and respiration need help in essay hardly appreciable. Yet will sufficiently rapid sustain life during the slow metabolic processes. A number well-authenticated cases are reported in which persons could slacken their heart-action, that no movement the organ could appreciated. The case Colonel Townsend, reported Cheyne, an example.

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