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No person appointed as a medical officer, physician, or surgeon in any branch the public service, or any hospital or other charitable institution unless registered. Costs.

On prosecution, costs may awarded and the offender may buy cheap essays online committed a common jail in default of dng the penalty and costs, for not exceeding one month Appeal from Conviction. A person appealing from conviction required give satisfactory security for the penalty, costs conviction, and appeal before released from custody, Limitation Prosecutions.

Prosecutions are required commenced within six months from the date the offence Prosecutor. Any person may prosecutor or comj lainant. Appeal from Registrar's Decision.

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A person aggrieved the decision the registrar may appeal the council, and persons aggrieved the decision the council may appeal to the supreme court the province, which decision shall final.

The act prescribes the procedure appeal. Powers Council. The council may make by-laws i need an essay written for carrying out the act, approved the lieutenant-governor in council, but nothing shall prevent any registered medical practitioner from giving medical treatment or advice any person reason such person having previously engaged the services any other physician.

The council authorized make regulations regarding the holding examinations and the subjects examinations, Exceptions. The act does not prevent any person from giving necessary medical or surgical aid or attendance any one in urgent need provided not for hire or best website to get essays gain, nor the giving made a business or means livelihood nor does prevent women from practising midwifery, or any person from practising dentistry or treating cases cancer external application, and charging for such service and suing for and recovering reasonable charges nor does prevent a druggist, apothecary, or storekeeper from suing for and recovering the price drugs or chemicals supplied or sold him?.. The act does not prevent a person not holding a medical degree, license, or diploma from a university or college from practising medicine, surgery, or midwifery provided was engaged in such practice in the province for five years immediately before the passage the act, nor from recovering with costs his reasonable charges for professional aid, advice, and visits and the cost medicine or other medical or surgical appliances rendered or supplied him his atients.

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Appeal Prosecution.

Appeal from the decision For registration under, such fees as the council may such license without examination as his medical knowledge or skill, provided such diploma has only been given after four years medical studj from the date admission study and according the requirements the act provided, the said board has power grant the same privileges holders of degrees or diplomas medicine and surgery from other British colonial or French universities or colleges.

must, help with writing thesis statements before being entitled such license and register, pass an examination before the board as his knowledge and skill for the efficient practice medicine, surgery, and midwifery.

Upon passing the examination and proving the satisfaction the examiners that has, in an institution for the teaching medicine in Her Majesty's possessions, complied with the rules and regulations made the provincial board, and payment such fees as the board may general by-law establish, such person shall entitled a license. All persons coming from any recognized college outside of Her Majesty's possessions desirous obtaining a license from the College Physicians and Surgeons the province must previously pass a preliminar examination before the examiners appointed the board or establish the satisfaction the board that they have already passed equivalent examinations, and they must moreover follow in one the schools medicine in the province a complete course for six months lectures, and such other course or courses as shall necessary to complete the curriculum required the board. They may pass their professional examination immediately after their preliminary examination Powers Medical Board. The board governors of the College Physicians and Surgeons has among other powers the power examine all credentials and documents purporting entitle the bearer a license practise and all diplomas, degrees, or other qualifications sought registered, and to require the bearer attest oath, administered the doctor, that the person whose name mentioned therein, and that became legally possessed thereof and to register in the books the college the name, age, place of residence and birth every member the profession practising in the province, the date his license and the place where The provincial medical board, among other i need help writing a 5 paragraph essay powers, has the power make regulations respecting the tariffs or rates charged in towns and counties for medical, obstetrical, or surgical advice, or for attendance or for the performance of any operation or for any medicines prescribed or supplied. The tariff must approved the lieutenant-governor in council, and can only come into force six months after its publication once in the Quebec Official Gazette, and that the order in council approving the same. The tariff does not, in case suit, obviate the necessity proof giving the advice, care, prescriptions, medicines, and other things therein mentioned?, The said board has power fix the fees for license and Qualifications Candidate. The qualifications a. That holds a certificate study from a licensed physician for the period intervening between the courses lectures.

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