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The council must forthwith issue each applicant returned as having successfully passed said examination, and adjudged the council duly research papers on best buy qualified, a license practise medicine and surgery. The council must require the same standard qualifications from all candidates except in therapeutics, practice medicine, and materia medica, in which the standard shall determined the boards respectively. Before the license issued, must recorded in a book in the office the council, and the number the book and page containing the record help on writing a personal statement noted the face the license the records shall have the same weight as evidence as that given to On and after July, any person not theretofore authorized practise medicine and surgery in the State may deliver the secretar the council a written application for a license with satisfactory proof that the applicant more than twenty-one years age, good moral character, has obtained a competent common-school education, and has received a diploma conferring the degree medicine from some legally incorporated medical college the European Union, or a diploma or license conferring the full right practise all the branches medicine and surgery in some foreign country. Applicants who have received their degree in medicine after July, must have pursued the study medicine for at least three years, including three essay writing help online regular courses lectures in different years in some legally incorporated medical college or colleges prior the granting said diploma or foreign license. Such proof shall made, if required, upon affidavit, and if the council satisfied with the same shall issue the applicant an order for examination before such one the boards examiners as the college entrance essay writing service applicant may select.

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In case failure at the examination the candidate, after the expiration six months and within two ears, shall have the privilege a second exami nation the same board without additional fee.

Applicants examined and licensed State boards medical examiners or State boards health other States, filing in the office of the medical council a copy said license certified the affidavit the president and secretary such board, showing also that the standard acquirements adopted said board is substantially the same as provided sees.

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and of this act, shall without further examination receive a license conferring the holder all the rights and privileges provided From and after March, no person shall enter upon the practice medicine or surgery unless has complied with this act and shall have exhibited the prothonotary the court common pleas the county in which desires to practise a license duly granted, which shall entitle him be duly registered in the office such prothonotar Penalty. Violating the provisions this act shall a misdemeanor punishable with a fine not more than for Exceptions. The act does not interfere with or punish commissioned medical officers serving in the army or navy the United States, or its marine hospital service, while commissioned, or medical examiners relief departments railroad companies, while employed, or any one while actually serving as a member the resident medical staff any legally incorporated hospital, or any legally qualified and registered dentist exclusively engaged in the practice dentistry, nor interfere with or prevent the dispensing top writing services and sale medicine or medical appliances apothecaries pharmacists, nor interfere with the manufacture artificial eyes, limbs, or orthopsedical instruments or trusses any kind sic fitting such instruments persons in need thereof, or any lawfully qualified physicians and surgeons residing in other States or countries meeting registered physicians this State in consultation, or any physician or surgeon residing the border a neighboring State and duly authorized under the laws thereof practise medicine and surger therein, whose practice extends into the limits this State, provided such practitioner shall not open an office or appoint tok essay help a place meet patients or receive calls within the limits Pennsylvania, or physicians duly registered in one county this State called attend cases in another, but not residing or ojDening an office therein.

The act does not prohibit the practice medicine and surgery any practitioner who shall have been duly registered before March, according the Act June, and one such paraphrasing graphic organizer registration shall sufficient warrant practise medicine and surgery in any county. Former Laws. All acts or parts acts inconsistent To the secretary the council, upon application for To the secretary the county, upon application for a license licensees in other States.

To the prothonotary, upon exhibition a license, for registry. Registration. Every physician must cause his name and residence recorded in the town clerk's office the town where resides Public Statutes. Penalty. Wilful neglect or refusal perform this duty is punishable with a fine not exceeding. Qualification. All physicians engaging in the practice nedicine or surgery, before custom writing essays services doing must submit their diplomas a board consisting three reputable physicians in each county. The board appointed the governor the recommendation the medical societies the counties, and where no medical society exists, upon the recommendation of the senator and members the House Representatives for such counties. The said board must examine said diploma, when submitted, and if the holder a hona fide holder, and if the college issuing said diploma a reputable medical college, and if also submits a certificate good moral character, the board must certify the fact, and in an essay help you guide upon such certificate the diploma shall registered the clerk the court the county in which the applicant resides.. Exception. The act does not apply physicians and surgeons ah-eady registered under former laws. Prohibition.

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