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He told them also, that paper made principally from linen rags, torn pieces, and formed into a pulp and lastly, that glass made sand, flint, and alkaline salt. According the enunleration Professor Adelung, there are in the world three thousand and sixty-four different languages which five hundred and eighty-seven are spoken in Europe, nine hundred and thirtyseven in Asia, two hundred and seventy-six in Africa, and one thousand two hundred and sixty four in America.

The Professor probably includes in this enumeration many provincial tions the same general languages. Anecdotes, Narrative and other Pieces.

The following conversation one that happened take place in the What the land? Bogs The atmosphere? and the most considerable man among the Quakers, once went Court pay his respects King Charles II.

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When that merry Monarch observed professional essay help that the Quaker did not take off his hat, took off his own, and stood uncovered before Penn.

Prithee, friend Charles, said the Quaker, put onthyhat. cNo, friend Penn, said the King, usual for only one man stand . Who was Mr. Penn?. Where did once go?.

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What did Charles II observe?. What did take off?. What did the Quaker say?. What custom essays service was the King's reply?.

The Marlborough admiring the fine figure and warlike air of a French soldier taken prisoner in the battle Ilochstett, said him If the French had but fifty thousand such men as you, should not have gained the battle easily. Morbleu, Milord, said the solider, have plenty such men as I, only want one like you.

What did the Marlborough admire?. At what battle cheap custom term papers had this solider been taken prisoner?. How was the figure a air the soldier?. What did the Marlborough say him?. What did the Dr Franklin, when last in England, used repeat an phd dissertation observation which was made his negro servant, i need help writing my dissertation a tour in Lancashire etc. h! Massa, said the negro, every thing working in this country water works, dissertation proposal wind works, fire works, smoke works, dogs work, men work, oxen work, horses work, asses work every thing works here but the hog eats, drinks, sleeps, does nothing all the day, but. What did Dr. Franklin use repeat? It was natural for Dr.

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