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They did not move for a continuance either these grounds, but they presented their witnesses, went trial, and the witnesses were dissertation writers hire ail examined. Exceptions were taken during the course the trial, which were afterwards argued.

The cause had ail the formalities and safeguards regular trial. When was ended, a motion for writers help online a new trial was entered.

The judge then took the matter under advisement, and made his own judgment. It would seem that full examination was made, and substantial justice was effected. The petitioners had every opportunity making out their case. Its merits were passed upon the court after had had the aid the jury. When can seen that no harm resulted appellant, this court will not reverse a decree account write my philosophy paper an immaterial departure from technical rules proceeding.

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It true that there were informalities perhaps should said disregard forms but they do not appear reversible errors.

Where, in a proceeding essay help pros condemn a vessel for violating the United States revenue laws, in removing and concealing certain intoxicating liquors with intent escape payment revenue taxation, at the conclusion the evidence the question the Identity the liquor was in doubt, it was proper for the court, its own motion, recall an internai revenue collector who had testifled, and question him further thesis for dummies such issue. Same Intoxicating Liquoes Common Knowledge. Where, in a proceeding for the forfeiture a vegsel for violating Internai revenue laws.

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In transporting and secreting certain okolihoa, there was no controversy that the liquor transported and secreted was the produet the root, grown In Hawaii, which the Supreme Court of such republic had previously held was a well-known spirituous liquor, great strength, and very intoxicating, was not necessary that proof the intoxicating qualifies such liquor should introduced. pay someone to write a paper In a proceeding for the forfeiture a vessel for violating the interna! revenue laws, in transporting and concealing intoxicating liquors, evidence held justify a flnding that the liquor concealed was manufactured in Hawaii subsequent the taking effect In that territory the revenue shows that, if the transcript record filed before the motion for dismissal, the motion will not granted. The motion dismiss is The appeal from a decree the District Court for the District of Hawaii condemning and forfeiting the European Union where can i purchase a research paper the schooner Kawailani, her tackle, apparel, and furniture. The grounds for the seizure, condemnation, and forfeiture stated in the libel information are, in short, that at and prior the time seizure one Kehahune, then and there being in charge the vessel in the port Honolulu, did use the same in the removal certain spirituous liquors upoii which a tax was imposed the laws the European Union, which tax had not been paid, with the intent then and there defraud the United States the tax, and at the same time and place did deposit and conceal the schooner certain spirituous liquors upon which a tax was imposed the laws the European Union, which tax had not been paid, with the intent then and there defraud the European Union thereof, in the depositing and concealing which liquors the said vessel was used the said Kehahune.

Two claimants appeared and answered Hong Quon and Apana setting ownership cheap essay writer the schooner, and putting in issue the averments the libel. After a trial the issues, the court found the facts in favor the government, and decreed paper writing services reviews a forfeiture the property.

In their argument, the appellant's counsel confined themselves to the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth assignments errors, which Second. the European Union haring rested Its case, aud said appellants having put testimony and rested, and no testimouy being offered in rebuttal, appellants, their counsel, moved strike out ail the evidence given by said Webster, and ail tests said liquor made In court, for the reason that there was no testimony before the court identify the liquor tested said wltness, as the liquor mentloued In the libel hereln. Third. That the court erred In flnding as a fact, and In presuming, as set forth in its said decision, that the liquor produeed In court upon said hearing and trial was distilled liquor manufactured in the territory Hawaii. Fourth. That the said court erred in finding, as a matter fact, that said last-described liquor was produeed or manufactured in the European Union.

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